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Professional Baidu PPC campaign for China market -All fees are included with no other hidden fees


Are you considering PPC for China market?#

We are in a network of official core agents of Baidu search, responsible for overseas business.
We are committed to providing digital marketing solutions.
• Provide website localization and digital marketing solutions. All kinds of
Baidu commercial products.
• BaiduPPC/ SEM promotion account opening, and charged professional hosting
• Assist international clients in creating creatives, ad optimization, ads
execution and tracking.

Our popular Starter Package for your first campaign including management fee covers:

  1.  £1500 Media buying on Baidu PPC
  2.  Baidu Ad account opening about £280
  3. Ad copy creation
  4. An analytic report in English and advice for future campaigns.


The basic fee for opening a new account:
-Verification fee: £80 per year
-Annual fee:  £200 per year

The basic documents for Baidu account opening:

1. Color scanned copy of Business Registration
Certificate*1, stamped or signed ;
2. Screenshot of landing page (including URL)*1,
stamped or signed ;
3. Screenshot of the company’s official registration
query page( including URL) *1, stamped or signed ;
4. Company bank statement or payment slip*1,
stamped or signed.(The company’s full name,
bank name, and bank account name are necessary
content, and other content can be selectively blurred)

Languages freelancer can speak


    • Communication With Buyer
    • Service as Described
    • Buy Again or Recommend

“I now know that setting up a Baidu PPC account to run a campaign is not hard as I imagined before. Thanks for the great support. For sure we will work again. ”

Roland Nader
Email Verified Roland Nader

Interested China Finance and Education market

    • Communication With Buyer
    • Service as Described
    • Buy Again or Recommend

“ There is a lot of preparation work prior to the campaign. The work together with the advice is 5 stars. As for the outcome, we are happy to say that the PPC campaign is effective and goes above our original target for leads. Great stuff.”