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A Client’s  Guide to Enlybee Marketplace

Win your international expansion in the world’s largest markets


What is Enlybee Creative Marketplace?

Enlybee creative workplace is a large creative platform used by Chinese creative specialists and other marketing talents across the world to showcase their online portfolio of work – Chinese copywriting, brand logo design, translation, SEO, website design, digital market research, video editing, brand marketing, advertising, and much more.

We welcome all independent professionals and buyers to join the Enlybee community

How do I join Enlybee Marketplace?

  1. Navigate to Enlybee Marketplace
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the “I Want To Join As A Buyer” or simply click “Join Now” in the top right corner.
  3. Sign up with your email address.
  4. Fill out the details

How do I find the right service from freelancers?

There are two ways to connect with possible freelancers.

  1. Type keywords to find the ideal freelancers.
  1. Review freelancers who submit proposals.  

 If you post your job publicly, freelancers might submit their proposals. Review their proposals, portfolios and feedback comments to make sure their skillset is a good match for your project.

How do I track the progress of services?

  1. You will see the service you purchased in the “Ongoing Services” section.
  1. When the hired freelancer has completed its work, click on “Completed” to end the service.
  1. Please leave feedback on freelancer’s work. It will be helpful for the community.

How do I post a project request?

  1. Click “Post a project”
  1. Create a clear and detailed job description
  1. Click “Save & Update” to post it

Best practices

  1. Set a reasonable budget.
  2. Provide honest and realistic project deadlines.
  3. Provide more detailed information.
  4. Communicate often  with freelancers to track the project.

Great talents on our platform await you! We invite you to grow your business together with them.

If you have any further questions you can contact