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I help SaaS and nonprofit companies write seo-optimized content that drives quality traffic.

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Face it… You’re Amazing

You do what you do because you’re one of the best in the business. But the world is a noisy place and it can be difficult to let your audience know how great you are. That’s where I come in. My name is Lucas, a vetted copywriting professional in the saas, non-profit, and logistics sectors. I’ve worked with:
  • Fortune 500 companies
  • Major corporations
  • International businesses
by bringing their brand to their audience through copywriting that proves how valuable their company is. By using the strategies I’ve spent years developing, I can help you do the same. Interested? Let’s talk! Reach out and we can talk about what success looks like for you.


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Content/SEO Writer

  •  11月 2018 - 12月 2019

Wrote SEO advertising script to promote new app for the company and drive traffic.

Content Manager

  •  Culum Family Ministries
  •  8月 2020 - Present

Currently write donor newsletters and advertise for the nonprofit via social media management.

Claim Resolution Specialist

  •  Liberty Mutual
  •  6月 2020 - 8月 2021

Received Spotlight Award for error-free technical documentation regarding claim management.

Instructional Designer

  •  Samaritan's Purse
  •  8月 2021 - 9月 2022

Saved thousands of dollars by creating online training for workers to be used in over 100 countries.

Content/Article Writer

  •  Sona Digital Media
  •  9月 2022 - 10月 2022

Currently write technical articles teaching English grammar for an online publication.

Content/SEO Writer

  •  Accelerate
  •  10月 2022 - 11月 2022

Wrote SEO ad script to drive website traffic and promote Radical Ministries.

Website Copywriter

  •  Glonet
  •  10月 2022 - 11月 2022

Retooled Glonet’s main website to increase traffic and create more client leads.

Sr. Major Donor Proposal Consultant

  •  IJM
  •  9月 2022 - Present

Currently write proposals for donors averaging gifts of over $50k/year.


Global Studies

  •  Boyce College
  •  8月 2016 - 5月 2020